The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Review

Let’s be real, Angry Birds is a movie that no one really wanted and was obviously supposed to be a quick cash-in. That being said, I didn’t absolutely hate the movie. It isn’t the best animated movie I’ve ever seen but it is better than the likes of Ice Age and The Nut Job.

The story itself is exactly what you’d expect of a movie based on an app that has basically no plot. It begins by showing off Red, played by Jason Sudeikis, and his anger issues which then lead him to anger management. He meets some friends, namely Chuck, the speedy and mouthy yellow bird played by Josh Gad, and Bomb, played by Danny McBride. Pigs then land at the doorstep of they and everyone else’s home on Bird Island and something seems amiss with the new visitors. To an extent, it feels like they just created situations for the sake of a joke or to make sure and include a certain kind of bird or its ability. You know exactly how the movie goes from plot point to plot point and how it ends but it’s not the worst they could have done by any means… though I’m also comparing it to the Nut Job so…

I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked the characters and animation of the film. The animation has its own unique style and as I watched the birds defy death as cartoons tend to do I just enjoyed the vividness of it all. Red cracked me up and made me feel for why he is so angry (although I think just about anyone could have played Sudeikis’ role). Chuck and Bomb are great ensemble characters that I thought really brought the brunt of the humor to the movie (Chuck especially). However, one thing I will say about the humor is that for a kids movie some of it is borderline crude. Under the guise of bird puns, you’ll hear a lot of jokes only a couple letters off from being right on the nose. “That’s a lot of kids, hasn’t anyone ever heard of bird control?” and “This town is plucking crazy!” to name a couple.

All in all, The Angry Birds Movie is that cash-in that everyone knew it was. It isn’t a great movie and, like I said, some of that too-close-for-comfort humor may be something parents won’t want their kids repeating. It also isn’t one that parents will find super clever or deep and thoroughly enjoy watching either, so I’m not sure who the studio was catering to.  But as a 24-year old viewer who is himself over the Angry Birds craze…

I’d give it a 6/10


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