I started Lightspeed because for one, I like to write, but also because I would often hear people saying things like: “I can’t find anything good on Netflix” or “But that movie was just on there!”

So here’s my solution!

Here on this blog, I’ll be reviewing only movies that are on Netflix as well as giving you the entire month’s worth of movies and shows that will be airing and all the ones being removed. For my own sanity, I just can’t review everything that gets aired, but I will do a pretty big variety of new and old, mixed genres, and in general will be hoping to give people new suggestions.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason to suggest something, give your own critique, or just send me a short message, like and message me on Facebook!

This blog will be growing and evolving all the time just as I hope your Netflix List does.

     – Phil